Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spotted an add for info wanted on 45 flathead stuff .  So I helped the guy out more than replying yup got one   by lending him my brake and shifter linkage to  copy   and  informing the guy on what he had and needed to know..
  The dude is 65 and  used to ride . he has logged 40 years on  2 wheels     now  all he wants is to put around the block on a 42 wlc  similar to his first bike.  and  just tinker .
 Cool guy  machinist by trade  retired now  but  holy cow  the guy builds steam engines  how cool is that  he built a tractor that pulls 2000 pounds  and it fits in the back seat of a dodge neon .  just so you get the idea .  anyways  he seen my bikes with all the farkle on them and  asked if I wanted some old saddle bags he was going to throw out . so  when he came by the other day he  brought over  a kidney belt and 2  late 50 to 53 panhead   saddle bags.
 all it takes is  sitting back   helping people out  and being in the valley were all the goods hide and letting it come to you.


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