Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scorpions welcome a new rider.    nice  work this year Darren ..

I ended up getting one of these  original emblems for the 54 pan .  this one is as real as it gets  no  phony here..  these were selling for 800.00  before the flood of bad  but  exceptionable  repops came in the market..  I must  thank Perry  for  the deal we made  and for him sourcing this out for me.

  I know  that when he had it in his hands he did not want to let it go and  regretted  hooking this deal up for me  as  he  wanted  it after holding it.     he also hooked me up with a  trade for my blue grips for some  white ones and boy do they look nice..  pretty stoked..
I guess  I need to update this more often  ooopps..