Saturday, February 25, 2012

This just in my engine needs help

turns out that the bearings bushings  on and on need to be redone  ..  so stoked to do it now  rather then redo it later ..  all this started  with me having to time my oil pump .   

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Harley speedo redo and new dash

Here the deal  I had a 57 panhead  speedometer  and  popped it open  to  change it to a 1954  color way  

Perry Ruiter  sent over a  numbered glass  and  a restored  police  dash base   man is his work nice !!  keeping things in FLE  spirit ...

The term rebuilt aint mean shit !!

A motorcycle  cam rolls on a wheel called a follower   when you install the follower guide   wrong  they  stop rolling and are in a position of   sliding  sideways now not rolling .. .  Now  I have been riding  my  "rebuilt" 45 harley around  on followers and guide   installed this way,   the  wrong  way ,   screw this  motor is coming out  and  getting a full  go through . so  don't  take  rebuilt  for shit  until  you  know your self  !!

got some parts for the 54 fle thanks Ron

The oil pump is for  late 52 to 1954    sweet
and the carb  is a  m 61  from Dave blacks pile   .. golden parts for a FLE 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

45 wrenching

Well  I am hoping  after a visit with a local  expert  that my cams are  good enough to run  they are not looking good to me ! if the cams are junk and cant be reground   oh boy   cases get split  possibly .  and  all I wanted to do was time my  scavenger  oil pump dam it ..  on a plus side  the tranny is back together !!